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Full text of "Commencement One Hundred and Forty-Sixth Year [2009]"

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LaSalle University 


C M M E N C 1 M 1 N I 


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in 2012 with funding from 

LYRASIS Members and Sloan Foundation 

(jomnu vu e///< ■/// && /•( /■■> < 'a 

Sunday, May 17, 2009 
William R. Sautter. Chairman. La Salle University Board of Trustees, Presiding 

PROCESSIONAL (Pomp and Circumstance)* EDWARD ELGAR 

INVOCATION* Christopher W McNabh 

National Anthem France scon kia 


Interim Dean oft 

A GRADUATE SPEAKS Douglas Michael Phelan 

COM ERRING OF HONORARY DEGREES Brother Michael J McCmniss. \ S C . Ph I) 

Pn tidt 'a 
Presentation of undbackAward Richard a. Nigra, PhJD 

( The ( hristian K and Mary E Lindback Award is presented u>r Distinguished /< at king) 

Pri sim mkjn of Candidates Richard a Nigra, Ph D 

Prov os t 


l)(x lor oj Psychology m Clinical Psychology 

Ihomas \ Kcagy, I'll I) 

Dean, School of AltS and Sciences 

Master oj Si tenee in Nursing 

Master oj Science in Speech-Language Pathology 
Zane Robinson Wolf, Ph D..R.N..1 \ \ N 

Dean. School ol Nursing ami Health Sciences 
Master oj Business Administration 

Paul R Brazina, M.B.A..C.P.A (MA. 
Dean, School ol Business 

Master oj Si ant e m ( 'omputei Information s. iem e 

Mast, i oj Si iem >■ in Information /<■< hnology Leadership 

Mastei of Arts m Professional Communication 

Mast, i of Arts in Central and Eastern European Studies 

Mastei of Arts in Clinical Psychology 

Mast, i oj Arts in ( Imn al i ounseling t's\, hology 

\4asu i oj Arts m I dut ation 

Mast,/ oi \ris m Bilinguol/BU ultuial Studies 

Mastei oj iris m Theology and Ministry 

Master o\ \rls in lli\lor\ 

rhomai \ Keagy, l'h I) 

Dean, School ol \ns and S< iences 

Undergrade mi 
Bachelor oj St tent < m Nursing 

Bachelor o\ St iem e in Nutrition 

Bachelor oj Si iem < 

Zane Robinson Wolf, Pfa D..RN..F \ \ \ 

Dean. School of Nursing and Health Sciences 

Bachelor oj St iem e m Business Administration 

PaulR. Brazina, MH\ i p \ ( \i \ 

Dean. School ol Business 

Ha, helor oj Sot ml Work 
Bat helor oj St i, m , 

Bachelor oj \rts 

[nomas \ Keagy, Ph D 

Dean. School ol Arts and Sc ie nces 

Bacheloi of Am 

Joseph ^i I gras, I'hD 

Www. College Ol 1'iotcsMonal 
and Continuing Studies 


1 bomai \ Keagy, Ph D 

Dean School ot \its .uul S, iences 

Joseph \ i gras, Ph-D 
Dean, College ol Professional 
.wu\ i ontinuing Studies 

• i in- audi en ce li requested to Hand durinj 

unlilllii- \. .i.l.-n.i. Pr DW I. .is l.-ll lli.- Ii.-I.l \s Imi.iI ... ii..ii . 

tentative the I otvenlr) reeervitif the right •>• make ■>«■■ 

Conferring of Degrees in Course Brother Michael J. McGinniss, F.S.C., Ph.D. 


W l aim l\l)l cnON Margaret A. Kane 

Alumni Association President-Elect 

REMARKS Brother Michael J. McGinniss, F.S.C., Ph.D. 


CLOSING PRAYER* Mary Clare P. Parrott 

alma Mater Daniel J. Rodden 


Musicians: Crosstown Brass Quintet Vocalists: Lauren Rose Balliet, Stephanie Marie Boag. Amanda Lynn Brothman, 
Tanya Renee Lindenmuth. Jacquelyn Marie Scirrotto. 
Pamela Joyce Woodward 

. Vatiofial \ x/Unem 


Oh, say, can you see. 

By the dawn's early light 

What so proudly we hailed 

At the twilight's last gleaming? 

Whose broad stripes and bright stars. 

Thro' the perilous fight 

O'er the ramparts we watched. 

Were so gallantly streaming. 

And the rockets' red glare, 

The bombs bursting in air. 

Gave proof through the night 

That our flag was still there. 

Oh, say, does that star-spangled 

Banner yet wave 

O'er the land of the free 

And the home of the brave? 

— Francis Scott Key 

. {/ma . (fa/cr 
Glory la Salle 

Above Explorers valiant, 
Here under thine eyes, 
Thy blue and gold banners 
Unfurl 'neath the skies! 


La Salle, La Salle, thy glory. 
Thy triumphs we praise! 
Thy name in song forever 
Shall we proudly raise! 

Thy sons and daughters standing 
Await thy command. 
Thou fortress of faith 
In our God and our land! 


La Salle, La Salle, thy glory. 
Thy triumphs we praise! 
Thy name in song forever 
Shall we proudly raise! 

— Daniel J. Rodden 

*Thc audience is requested to stand during the Academic Procession. Invocation. National Anthem, and Closing Prayer, and to remain in place 
until the Academic Procession has left the field. As final action cannot be taken prior to the printing of this program, the list of candidates is 
tentative, the University reserving the right to make any changes required. 

fftonorara ! Dt y/*t < ■ 

George Dennis O'Brien, Ph.D. 
Doctor of Humane Letters 

Joseph F. Burke. F.S.C., Ph.D. 
Professor and Chair of Psychology, President Emeritus 

Daniel W Burke. F.S.C., Ph.D. 
Professor oj English, Retired. President Emeritus 

G. Dennis O'Brien. Ph.D.. a La Salle University Trustee since 1969. is President Emeritus ot the Universit) of R.vhester He led the 
school for a decade as its eighth president and retired in 1994 

Prior to his tenure at Rochester. O'Brien provided educational leadership as President of Bucknell University, Dean ol Middlehur> 
College, and Assistant Dean of Princeton University. He began his teaching career in higher education at the Universit) ol Chicago in 
1956 Since then, he has taught at si\ other institutions, including La Salle He was a professor of philosoph) lor nearlv 25 sears 

In 1952, O'Brien graduated dim taude with a Bachelor ot Arts in English from Yale He earned a Doctorol Philosoptn from the Universit) 

ol Chicago in 1961. Among his main academic honors. OBricn received a fellowship from the American Council ol I. earned Societies, 

Carnegie Research Fellowship in Universit) leaching, and Phi Beta Kappa from Yale 

O'Brien has published five books and countless .mules on wide-ranging aspects ot philosophy, religion, education, and modem art He 

also has delivered numeious addresses and lectures on similai topics 

O'Brien has chaired 17 school evaluation visits foi the Middle States and New England accrediting associations and has served on 

numerous civic boards, including Chase Lincoln I list National Hank, the RocbeStei \iea C lumber ol Commerce, and the RiKhestcr 

Philharmonic Orchestra He has received bonorar) degrees from si\ universities 

He and his wile. Judith, live in \eimont and have three daughters 


Danielle Beaumont 

B.A., Pennsylvania State University, 1995, Psychology 
M.A., Drexel University, 2001, Elementary Education 
M.A., La Salle University, 2006, Clinical Psychology 

Danielle Beaumont is currently completing her clinical psychology pre-doctoral internship at Girard Medical Center (GMC). She provides 
assessment, consultation, and individual and group therapy to people with mental illness and substance dependence including homeless 
adults with long-term heroin and crack addiction who have significant trauma histories. Specifically, she is gaining specialized training in 
the role of acceptance-based treatment approaches in cycles of relapse and recovery in inpatient, outpatient, and residential settings. 
Beaumont's clinical dissertation, chaired by Jennifer Block-Lerner, Ph.D., is titled "The Role of Mindfulness in the Relationship between 
Anxiety and Religion." Beaumont is looking forward to continuing her career in the psychology of addiction and related mental-health 

Kristyna Leigh Bedek 

B.A., Millersville University, 2000, Psychology 
M.A., La Salle University, 2005, Clinical Psychology 

Kristyna L. Bedek is currently completing her clinical internship in behavioral medicine at the Miami Veterans Affairs Medical Center. 
Bedek's current research interests include the effects of weight management on reducing the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, smoking 
cessation, and psychosocial variables related to breast cancer screening. Bedek has presented research posters at national conferences, 
including the annual meetings of the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies and the Society of Behavioral Medicine. She 
has publications in press in Heart Failure Reviews and Drug and Alcohol Dependence. Bedek's clinical dissertation, chaired by Erin 
O'Hea, Ph.D., is titled "Racial/Ethnic Differences in Perceived Barriers, Benefits, and Cues to Action for a Breast Cancer Screening 
Program." Bedek is looking forward to completing a postdoctoral fellowship for the 2009-2010 year in specialty medicine at the 
Cleveland Veterans Affairs Medical Center. She hopes to focus her career in the areas of behavioral cardiology, pain management, 
behavioral sleep medicine, and preventive health behaviors. 

Giselle Cecilia Booker 

B.S., University of Richmond, 2003, Psychology 
M.A., Xavier University, 2005, Clinical Psychology 

Giselle C. Booker is currently completing her clinical internship at Terry Children's Psychiatric Center in clinical child psychology. She 
is working in day and residential treatment facilities, an intensive outpatient setting, and juvenile justice facilities providing assessment, 
consultation, and treatment to children and families with a wide range of psychological disorders. Booker's clinical interests include 
understanding and treating children and adolescents with disruptive and aggressive behaviors, working with minority populations, and 
working in inpatient settings. Similarly, her research interests include examining treatment effectiveness in residential facilities, developing 
models to understand anger in children, and the use of emotion regulation in African-American populations. Booker has presented at 
national psychology conferences, including the Association of Behavioral and Cognitive Therapy and the National Council of Schools 
and Programs of Professional Psychology. Her clinical dissertation, chaired by Frank L. Gardner, Ph.D., is titled "Emotion Regulation, 
Expressivity, and Acceptance: An Examination of African- Americans and Caucasian Americans." Booker is looking forward to continuing 
a career in clinical child psychology. 


Abbev Janae Carcartv 

B.A., Lebanon Valley College, 2<M)2. Psychology 
M.A.. La Salle University, 2<A)5. Clinical Psychology 

Abbev J.Carcarev iscurrentlv completing her clinical internship at Hotaomh Behavioral Health Systems She provides therapv . r*.\ t • 
testing, and consultation to adults and children in a communitv mental health setting Additionally, she is completing work, in three 
specialized rotations individual and group therapv with a geriatric population, assessment, individual, and group therapv with a - 
abuse population: and individual and lamilv therapv in a laniilv -based program She has also completed consultations and psyd 
testing with residents ot Communitv Residential Kehabs associated with Holcomb Carcarev s clinical dissertation, chaired bv Brother 
Joseph Burke. ISC. Ph I) . was successfully defended in December and is titled "An hvammation ol Anger in Relation to the DsM 
Carcarev plans to continue a career in clinical psychology, working specificall) with the co occurring mental health substance abuse 

\ 1 1 1 > I vnn ( uiiniiiiihain 

H \ I niversity of Pittsburgh. 2003, Psychology 

\l \ Ixi Salle I 'niversity, 2006, Clinical Psyi hology 

Amvl.vnn Cunningham is current!) completing her clinical internship at Yale Universit) School ol Medicine, where she provides 
enipincallv supponed treatments to individuals struggling with severe characterological disorders Specifically, she is providing dialectical 
behavior therapv to individuals struggling with borderline personal)!) disorder During her time at ^ale. she has gained specialized 
training in treating individuals dealing with chronic suicidalitv and self-harm behaviors Cunningham's research interests include 
examining the cognitive characteristics that make someone vulnerable to engaging in suicidal and self-harm behaviors Cunningham's 

clinical dissertation, chaired bv kellv McClure, Ph D . titled "Cognitive Distortions in Individuals who Recent!) Attempted Suicide and 

Ptychiatri( Controls," was successful defended in November and is being prepared lor submission tor publication Cunningham has 

presented her research al numerous psychological conferences and will continue her research career as a postdoctoral fellow at the 

Center lor the Ireaiment and Prevention ol Suicide al the Iniversitv ol Pennsylvania under the direction ol Aaron I Beck, M 1) 
Susanna MOTI I I an, ■ I 

It \ Bennington ('<<//< e< 2000, Psychology and Education 
\l \ La SalU Universuy. 2005. Clinical Psychology 

Susanna M I raiicics is ciirreiitlv completing her clinical internship al two college counseling centers Rowan I nivcisii\ and Drcvel 
I niversit) She provides treatment to undergraduate and graduate Students tor I range ot clinical problems in the torm ol individual. 

couples, group, and crisis intervention I rancies' research interests include the siudv ol siu-ss. positive growth afta trauma, and the 
refugee experience Her clinical dissertation, chaired bv i rin ilea Ph D is titled "From Surviving to reviving 1 actors tssodated 

With GrOWGfl and Resilience in 1 ibenali Relugees " in October 2007 I laiKies traveled lo \iua. I ganda and compleled socialized 

training In working with survivors ol wai In Ma) 2008 she completed ■ certificate training program boa die International rraoma 
studies Program in New York in multidisciplinar) approaches, grounded in individual, Family, and communit) orie nte d iiMervoatioaa, 
tin the treatmeni ol trauma 


Lyssett Deniss De Los Angeles Martinez Landero 

B.A.. Bloomsburg University: 1999, Psychology 

M.A.. Montclair State University. 2002. Educational Psychology 

M.A., La Salle University. 2005. Clinical Psychology 

Lyssett Martinez is currently working at Woodhull Hospital's pediatric outpatient psychiatric clinic for urban children. This Brooklyn- 
based hospital is part of New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation, the largest municipal health-care system in the country. 
Martinez completed her clinical psychology internship at New York University (NYU)-Bellevue Hospital Center where she was part of 
the cross-cultural track. During her internship, she provided assessment, consultation, and treatment (individual, couples, group, and 
family therapy) for children, adolescents, adults, and the elderly through the Bilingual Treatment Program, Program for Survivors of 
Torture, and Pediatric Hematology and Oncology Service. Martinez's research interests include racial disparities, help-seeking 
pathways, immigrant populations, and behavioral disorders, including attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Martinez's 
clinical dissertation, titled "Development of ADHD Video Vignettes Depicting Symptoms of ADHD for the Assessment of Help- 
Seeking Thresholds among Latino and Non-Latino Whites," chaired by Kelly McClure, Ph.D., is another example of her interest in 
cultural diversity. To this end, Martinez is continuing her quest to further become an effective and culturally competent clinical 

Jessica Mary Lutkenhouse 

B.A.. Loyola College in Maryland. 2003. Psychology 
M.A., La Salle University. 2005, Clinical Psychology 

Jessica M. Lutkenhouse is completing her pre-doctoral internship at The Ohio State University's Counseling and Consultation Service. 
Her research and clinical interests include sport psychology, anxiety disorders, and mindfulness-based treatment approaches. 
Lutkenhouse's clinical dissertation, chaired by Frank Gardner, Ph.D., evaluates the current status of exercise as an empirically 
supported treatment approach. She is a regional representative for the Association for Applied Sport Psychology and the Committee 
Chair for the American Psychological Association Division 47's Ad-Hoc Committee on Employment Opportunities in Sport 
Psychology. Lutkenhouse has also published articles in The Journal of Clinical Sport Psychology and The Directory of Graduate 
Programs in Applied Sport Psychology, and she has presented posters and workshops at national sport psychology, neuropsychology, 
and counseling center conferences. She is looking forward to continuing a career in clinical psychology and performance enhancement. 

Melissa Alexis Munro 

B.S.. Hampton University. 2004. Psychology 
M.A.. La Salle University, 2006, Clinical Psychology 

Melissa A. Munro is currently completing her clinical psychology internship at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington. 
D.C., where she is serving as a captain in the United States Army. She provides assessment, consultation, and treatment among a 
military population using cognitive behavioral treatments. Specifically, she is gaining specialized training in neuropsychology, 
inpatient assessment, military psychology/community mental health, and primary care/psychiatry consultation liaison services. Munro 
is gaining familiarity with the neurological disorders typically encountered by military soldiers, such as traumatic brain injury. She is 
also learning about military psychology and how best to conduct command-directed evaluations, security evaluations, and other 
specialized personnel evaluations. In the primary care and outpatient setting. Munro is conducting psychotherapy with military soldiers 
who have been directly wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan, sustaining injuries that include amputations and burns. She has also worked 
with the families of military soldiers. Munro's research interests include working with military soldiers and their family members, and 
coping with the emotional impact of violence on families and children. Munro has presented at national psychology conferences and 
recently conducted a seminar for the Allentown School District Anti-School Violence Campaign on the mental health effects of school 
violence on students. Her clinical dissertation, chaired by Erin O'Hea, Ph.D.. is titled "Depression in Minority Adolescents Exposed to 
Community Violence." Munro is looking forward to continuing a career in psychology, focusing on military populations, as well as 
children affected by violence. 


Kelt] \nn \abal 

B.S.. Si. Joseph's L niversity, 2000. Psychology 
\M La Salle University, 2005, Clinical Psychology 

Kelly A. Nabal is currently completing her postdoctoral fellowship in child, adolescent, and famil) clinical psycholog) at the De\ereu\ 
Foundation. She provides assessment, consultation, and cognitive behavioral treatment lor children and adolescent females 
Specifically, she is gaming specialized training in trauma-informed care and work with children in a residential setting Nabal'- 
research interests and involvement at Devereux include evaluating the effectiveness of a skill-based group intervention that is trauma- 
locused Her research interests also include examining behavioral and psychological factors associated with pediatric obesity. 
Nabal presented a poster at the Pennsvlvama Psychological Association's annual convention in Hamsburg. Pa . in 2(XXv Her clinical 
dissertation, chaired bv Kelly McClure. I'll I) . is titled •Examining the Relationship between Maternal Child Feeding Stvle. haling 
Attitudes. Behaviors. Emotion Regulation and Child's Bodv Mass Index in a Predominantly African- American Population " Nabal is 
looking lorward to continuing efforts in the field of pediatric obcsiiv as well as child clinical psychology 

Amanda H. Regnaud 

H \ Rutgers, I he Suae I niversity cfNe* Jersey 2003, Psychology and Visual Arts 
M.A.. Im Salle I niversity, 2006, Clinical Psychology 

Amanda II Regnaud is currently working at the Joseph J Peters Institute, where she intends to complete her postdoctoral training 
Regnaud will be providing therapy, consultation, and assessments lor children and adolescent- with sexual behavior problems She is 
extremely interested m working with this population, particularlv in risk assess m ent, and hopes to develop an expertise in working with 
juvenile sex offenders Regnaud's clinical dissertation, chaired hv Sharon Lee Armstrong. Ph I) . is titled " I he Impact ot ranla-v. 

Language Ability, and Numbei ot Sibling- on Children's Understanding ol Second Ordei False Beliefs " 

Ku-ami.i Sposato 

// s Si Joseph's I niversity 2002. Psychology 
\l \ La Salle University, 2006, Clinical Psychology 

Rosanna Sposato i- currently completing hei pie doctoral internship at Princeton House Behavioral Health, a pan ot the l niversity 
Medical Centei at Princeton fhere, -he provides assessment, consultation, and treatment to adult- in inpatient, partial ho s pit a l , 
intensive outpatient, and traditional outpatient programs On one ot bet clinical rotations, -he i- gaining s pecialiied training ia the 
treatment <>i substance use disorders Spoaato - clinical m>a research interests involve theoretical underpi nnings ol cognitive behavioral 
therapy the treatment "i anxiety disorders, behavioral medicine, .n^ substance use disorders Sposato ha- . latiooal 

psychology conferences Ho clinical dissertation, chaired by Erin O'Hea, Ph D . i- titled I iperiential tvoidance in iH 
Oncology Population Sposato i- looking forward i" continuing a careet in clinical psychology 

Zane Robinson Wolf, Ph.D., R.N., F.A.A.N., Dean 


Elizabeth Abraham. B.S.N.. The Pennsylvania Slate University. 2005. Nursing 

Lija P. Abraham. B.S.N.. Manipal Academy of Higher Education. 1996. Nursing 

Melissa Dansico Alvarez. B.S.N.. University of Pennsylvania. 1988. Nursing 

Patricia Slayton Atkins. B.S.N.. Widener University 2003. Nursing 

Jody-Lynne Nicole Austin. B.S.N.. La Salle University. 2005. Nursing 

Lisa M. Bagley, B.S.N.. Boston College. 1998. Nursing 

Elena Bocharnikova. B.S.N.. Thomas Jefferson University. 2004. Nursing 

Denise J. Bradley. B.S.N. , La Salle University, 2007. Nursing 

Allison Bricker-Woolpert. B.S.N., West Chester University. 2001. Nursing 

Daria Kane Canale. B.S.N.. Temple University. 1997. Nursing 

Kesha Monique Cardwell. B.S.N. . Thomas Jefferson University. 2004. Nursing 

David Agosto Correa. B.S.N. . Thomas Jefferson University. 2004. Nursing 

Gina P. Coyle. B.S.N., The Pennsylvania Stale University. 1997. Nursing 

Enid Rochelle Dershin, B.S.N., University of Texas, 1993. Nursing 

Andrea Marie Dippolito. B.S.N. . Rutgers University. 2004. Nursing 

Fiona A. Duffy. B.S.N. La Salle University. 2006. Nursing 

Jacqueline A. Fellenz, B.S.N. , La Salle University. 1988. Nursing 

Moniquia L. Fisher. B.S.N. . Wright Stale University. 2001. Nursing 

Karen Joan Gagliardi, B.S.N. . Temple University. 1986. Nursing 

Hugh John Gayton. B.S.N.. Holy Family College. 1993. Nursing 

Patricia Ann Geary, B.S.N. . La Salle University, 2004. Nursing 

Stacey Lynn Godman, B.S.N.. La Salle University. 2003. Nursing 

Cynthia L. Grosik. B.S.N.. Immaculata University. 2006. Nursing 

Barbara G. Grosshauser. B.S.N.. Thomas Jefferson University, 1987. Nursing 

Robert J. Haffey. B.A.. Temple University. 1984. Criminal Justice. M.B.A.. Eastern University, 2001, Health Administration 

Andrea Leigh Hartwell. A.S.N. . Bucks County Community College. 2002. Nursing. B.S.. Saint Joseph 's University. 1999, 

Interdisciplinary Health Sen-ices 
Lauren Katherine Hayes. B.S.N.. La Salle University. 2002. Nursing 
Sean A. Horning. B.S.N.. Millersville University. 1998. Nursing 
Chia Huang. B.S.N.. Thomas Jefferson University. 1998. Nursing 
Saundra Elise Hyman. B.S.N.. La Salle University. 2005 Nursing 
Bertha Adele Jackson. B.S.N. . La Salle University. 1999. Nursing 

Valentine Jakovlevs. Jr.. B.S.. Indiana University of Pennsylvania. 1998. Respiratory Therapy. B.S.N.. Holy Family University. 2003. Nursing 
Jane Nicole Johnson, B.S.N. . Thomas A. Edison St. College. 1999. Nursing 
Nadjie Joseph. B.S.N.. Temple University. 2004. Nursing 
Lisa Joyce Kearns, B.S.N.. Holy Family University, 2004. Nursing 
Cheryl A. Keenan, B.S.N., La Salle University, 2006, Nursing 
Marie C. Kelly-Tralies, B.S.N., La Salle University, 1988, Nursing 
Anne Marie Kinsey. B.S.N.. Philadelphia University. 1999. Nursing 

Jacqueline B. Kinsey, B.S.N., Temple University. 2001. Nursing. B.A., Temple University 1990 
Virginia Dolores Krause, B.S.N. . La Salle University. 2003. Nursing 
Nicole Marie Krupa, B.S.N. . Bloomsburg University. 2004. Nursing 

Alfa Simone Lafleur. B.A.. Curry College. 2001. Psychology. B.S.N.. Curry College, 2005. Nursing 
Claudia Jean Shultz Lentz. B.S.N., La Salle University, 2003, Nursing 
Jennifer Mangold. B.S.N., West Chester University. 1994. Nursing 
Tasha Lynn McCaskill-Long. B.S.N. , Temple University. 2002. Nursing 

Shannon K. McClurkin. B.S.N.. University of Delaware. 2000. Nursing, B.A., West Virginia University. 1997. Biology & Psychology 
Barbara Durney McCue, B.S.N. . Widener University. 1990, Nursing 
Seana K. McFadden. B.S.N., DeSales University. 2001. Nursing 
Sara Kathryn Metzger. B.S.N.. Dre.xel University. 2002. Nursing 
Michele Mobley. B.S.N.. La Salle University. 2005. Nursing 
Shafeah M. Morrison. B.S.N. . University of Pittsburgh, 1995. Nursing 
Jeffrey Eugene Murray. B.S.N., Thomas Jefferson University, 1997. Nursing 
Bridgette Stephanie Nelson. B.S.N.. Cedar Crest College, 2003, Nursing 

MASTER Ol -M II \( I l\ \LRSIN(, (Continued) 

Kelly A. O'Donnell. B.SJ*., La Salle University, 2006, Nursing 

Pinki Pad, BS.N., La Salle University, 2005, Nursing 

Jennifer Saverioni Patterson. B.S.S. The Pennsylvania State University, 1999, Nursing 

Elinor Pemitsky, B.S.N., DeSales University, 1986, Nursing 

Catherine Claire Ka//i. B S A '.. Thomas Jefferson University, 1988, Nursing 

Lisa Diane Reechione. B.S.N.. Holy Family College, 1989, Nursing 

Elizabeth deBlois Rkkett, B.S.N., La Salle University, 2006, Nursing 

Lisa Theresa Rod/en. B.S.N., Temple University. /VV9 Nursing 

Jill Anne Seely. B.S.S.. Im Salle University, 2004, Wursing 

Allen Charles Smith III. B.S.N., Moravian C oUege, 2003. Nursing 

Claire Smith. BS\ . Ursiruu College, 1979, Nursing 

Randi Yvonne Smith. B S.N., Im Salle University. 2<H)\ Nursing 

Richard James Smith. B.S V. Cedar Crest College, 2tKH>. Nursing 

Denise Campbell Stasuk, B .5 \ . The Pennsylvania State University, 1998, Nursing 

Omega A. Tamoviski, B.S.N., Holy Family College, 2000, Nursing 

Laun (i Weiss. B.S.N., Thomas Jefferson University, 2000, Nursing 

Patricia Anne Wesiertcr. B s \ La Salle University, 2004, Nursing 

Michele Mar> Wolf, B.S.N., Gwynedd-Mercy College, 1999 Nursing 

Judith Kay Wright, B s \ La Salle I niversity, 2006, Nursing 

Gregory s \ Cedai Crest I allege, 1998 Vursing 

Nancy Lee Yates, B s V hi Salle I niversity, 2005, Nursing 


Lauren Angelilli, B.S . West Chester I nnersits. 2<>o4. Communication Disord* n 
Stephanie Renee Archer. B S . Ohm State I nnersits. 2tM)l. Human I , ■ 
Laura Elisabeth Baker, B S lu Salle I niversity, 2tK>S. Speech-LongUOgi 

Erin A Canada). B \ l inversus of Butshurgh, 2007, Communication s, u m < ami D 

Chnsi ma Lynn Celano, B s Im Salle l niversity, 2008, Speech-Languai i H 

Sara J Cohen, B * Ihe Pennsylvania State I 'niversity, 2<xu. Communications 

Jacqueline M Conner, 8.5 La Salle University 1984 Finana Marketing 

Rebecca Saia Ellis, // s The Pennsylvania State . niversity, 2005 Communicai 

Diana Joy Evans, 8 \ Rosemontt oil,-, 2003 Communications 

[amiS Halter, BA., Rowan University location 

Laura J Hammond, B.S Th* University cfScranton Education 

Denise M Haydt.8 \ Tempi* University 2007 Communication Sciei 

Erin Venetia Hayes, B \ Tht l 2004 Communicai 

Alison Ingman, BA., University of Connecticut 2006 Communication D 

Catherine Mellwig lenkim n I Tempi* I niversity, 1999, ( ommun 

Mihaua N Kalikas, n \ i niversity of D 

I veline I ouise Koenig />' 5 i>>. ,,: ( •■.,.. rsity 

Jaclyn Diane Kubtla H S /<< Sail* i m 

Kulik, B s Th* RM I 
Maura Miller, B s The Pennsylvania Stat, t niversity 2005 < on, mini.. 
I lizabeth \ Munro /< \ \¥ 
Natalia Musitano n s La Sail* i nivt 
Robed i) Nekttch fl 

Katharine tona Pipe 8.5 La 
Roberto Molina Porras, 8.5 Rosarios University '•' i 

Ssstem \dministration 
table) S R 

l \nii Si Kmittnci /< \ u 

t .ii.i < trace S* hnell /' \.,T*m 
i indsay Mh belle Sharp 8.5 L 
i.u |yn Angela Sparacino, /•' I M 

I.IIMl lllCllU I •• B 


Ashley Danielle Underwood, 6.5., La Salic University, 2008. Speech-Language-Hearing Science 

Ami Melissa Van Dine. B.F.A. Kutztown University. 1996. Communication Design 

Nicole M. Voigt. B.S.. St. Joseph's University. 2000. Sociology. M.S.. St. Joseph's University. 2001. Criminal Justice 

Kathryn L. Walsh. B.S.. Richard Stockton College of N.J. . 2007. Speech-Language Pathology 

Stephanie Elizabeth Weckesser, B.S.. La Salle University. 200S. Speech-Langitage-Hearing Science 

Deidre D. Witkowski. 6.5., La Salle University. 2008. Speech-Langitage-Hearing Science 

Christina Lynn Wrigley, B.S., Drexel University. 2003. Biomedical Engineering 

Lauren Michelle Zuboff, B.S.. Ithaca College. 2007. Speech- Language Pathology 

Paul R. Brazina, M.B.A., C.P.A., C.M.A., Dean 


Renata Scamilla A. Aledo, B.A.. Pontificia Universidade Catolica de Campinas. 2006. Marketing and Advertising 

Derek C. Allen. B.S.B.A.. La Salle University. 1992. Finance 

Diane Mickles Andrien. 6.5.. Chestnut Hill College. 2001. Management 

Gerald J. Ardron. 6.5.. Rowan University. 1997. Management 

Melissa Dawn Arnell, B.S.. Fashion Institute of Technology. 2003. Fashion Merchandising Management 

Ranti Ayo-Gbenjo. B.S. Ohafemi Awolowo University. 1996. Accounting 

Naveed Azad, B.S.. Drexel University. 2006. Accounting/MIS 

James C. Banks. B.S.. Drexel University. 2003. Chemical Engineering 

Brooke J. Baseman. B.S.. The Pennsylvania State University. 2005. Business Management 

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Business Administration 
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School. Switzerland, 1999. Hospitality and Tourism Management 
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Candice Mane Diliberto, BS.BA. Bloomsburg University, 2004, Office Information Systems 

Edward Joseph Dixon III. BS.BA. . La Salle University, 2000, Finance 
I.inh Kieu Doan. B.S.. Drexel University, 2003, Economics 

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Stephanie J Dunsian. B.S . The Pennsylvania State University, 2006. Business Administration 

Ke\m S Durmala. BA . Temple University, 1980, Computer and Information Sciences M.S., Stevens Institute of Technology, 1982, 
Computer S< leiues 

Andrew John D/ied/ic BA., Indiana University of Pennsylvania, 2002. Management 
Allison M Ebbecke, B.S BA Im Salle University, 2<xj3. Management 
Jeffrey William Bbeit. B.BA Temple University, 2006. Finance/Real Estate 
Mark \ Esporito, BA., Im Salle University, 2003. Communication 

Michael Brads larrell. BA., Villanoui Lnixersits. 20OO. Finance 

l.aura Marie lorshev B.S., Shippensburg I niversity, 2003. Business Administration 

Brenl Allan I riediiuiii. B.S Gm \nedd Men I ( ollege, 2004, Business Administration 

Richard E. Fumey, BA., La Salle I 'niversity, 1999. l.< onomit i 

Mark Benjamin Gallagher, B.S . Millersville I niversity, 1986, Business Administration 

Richard M Gillin, BA . Im Salle University, 2000, Criminal Justice 

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Matthew Gionta, B s Temple l niversity, 2ixt4. Sport and Ret nation Management 

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Elena Glozman, i< S . i>>> tel I 'niversity, 2ooo. Computet S 

Aaron Williani Godwin, B s i;>isuiola Christian College, 2002, Mechanical Engineering 

Reyhan Gonulsen n S I ■< University, 1994, Landscape Architectun 

Steven Jeffrey s l niversity of Phoenix 2004, Information Technology 

Shannon Marie Gove, i< S Fordham I nm rsity, 2003 Marketing 

Jaclyn Marie Grenfell B I La Salle t niversity, 2<xi3. Mathematu i 

Christopher GriswoJd, fi.£W, Marywood University, 1999, \o,,al\\o,k 

( hrisovalantou Grover, i< S Youngstown state l 'niversity, 2002, Allied Health 

David Andres Murcia Guerrero, fi.5 Universidadl Mil 2001 International Business 

\nti.i ( .mkni.i. M s s/ Petersburg l niversity, Kussia 1986, Biochemistry 

Heatha Candice Haimovitz, B.S.,1 niversity of Pittsburgh, 2003 Information S 

Son l ik Haimovitz, B.S Thi Pennsylvania Slate I niversity, 2001, Busim »/.. 

Devin( S Hamilton, fi.5 Temple University 2006. Sport and Recreation Manat 

Jacqueline Marie Hawkins, BA DeSates University 1999 Management 

Knsii I vnne n \ VUUmova I niversity 1998 Hisiois 

Ross Daniel Hendricks, B \ University of Pittsburgh 1994 Communication 

Danielle N \ Temple University -'""-V iccounting 

Maryjean Hummell, fi \ Templt University, 1984 loumalism 

Sandy Nga Huynh B I Boston University 200 I 

Kyle M s it \ 1. 1 s.di, i niven 

Heather Renee Johnson /< S West Virginia University '"" s Finance 

Linda A lungers, fi.5 \rcadla University 1993 I 

lames William lurgeni li />■ S Dn ti 1 1 rtivt rsity 

\len.i K.ik lies ss. /< S B.l.ous Siai, Inn., s„s H, Lous 1994 

Meredith McHugh Karow, /( S Rock «/. , Institun 

I'a, kagin 
lason Keen, fi.5 Limestone Colleg* !006, Busii 
loan Marie Kelly, B.S.BA i ■ 
Rebecca Whetstone Kell) /•' 5, K Maria Kies B -> VSW B 


Marina Klichinsky, B.A.. Holy Family College, 2000, Psychology 

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Richard Rolke. B.S., Stockton State College, 2003, Environmental Science/Chemistry M S Dn tei I nivt rsity 1996 ( ■ • 

Bo/ena Rolla. B.BJL, Temple University, IW. Fvnance/lnternational Business 

Michael Romano. B.S . Drexel I nnersits. 2003, Business Administration 
Patrick Dennis Runs en. B.S . St. Joseph's L nnersits. 21)06. Finance 
NaDC) Russo. BS . Rowan I nnersits. IWI. Business Administration 

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Yulisa Sako\ich. B.S., M.S . Grodno Stale I nnersits. 2<M>6. International Economu s 

Junnosuke Sanda. B A . Dokkyo University, 2004, Management 
Alp (l Sazak, BS . Dumlupinar University, 2005, Civil Engineering 

Joseph W Schick. BA Temple I nnersits. 2<K)2. Business Ixns 
R>an Patrick Schrank. B SB A . Ixi Salle I nnersits. 2004, Marketing 
Mehmet Orhan SevinC, B S Bilkcnl I nnersits. 2(X>6. Industrial Engineering 

Lauren Christina Shanda, B s Spelman College, 2005. Biology 

Ban) S Shea. B s Ridei I mversity, 1989, Xccounting/Fmana 

Demond Lamai Shepard, B S ' mted states Saval \< tub my 2<x>2 1 1 onomu i 

Rosanna Shvarts, B.S flu Pennsylvania State University, 2005 iccounting 

Norman Core) Simmi, H \ La Salle l niversuy, 2006, History 

Mehre2 M Soui BA., I mversity oj Tunis, Tunisia, 1998, Economu i 

Judith Anne Spues. /< \ La Sail, University 1975, Special Education 

rheresaM Steltza Bs Clarion University 1985, Communications 

Hans Joachim Stephan B.S ( mversity of Applied Sciences German 1991, Biotechnology, PkD„ I niversuy oj 

Kingdom, 2003 Scienct andTechnology 
Ryan Christopher Strange 8.5 The Pennsylvania Suit* University 1998 Marketing 
Sakeaun Supaari, Ha, hi lot oj \. i ounting The l mversity ofTh 
James Christopher Swartz Bs Duquesm University, 2000, Chemistry 
David P. Sweene) fl I ■ 2003 Finance 

Mark< Szczech,A \ TempU University 2002 Criminal ht 
Lee Christophei laggan Ji hb\ Howard Ui tutting 

Christopher < lomlinson, 0.5 University of Scranton I99i M 
Kevin Ibrnpkini B.S.B \ l •■ Sail* ' niversity 20 
kniis.ik Ibypam, fl.5 Kasetsart University 2004,lndustt 
KhanhQiKX Iran B.S Southern Illinois University 
Linda M fto) B.S.BA La Salle University 1999 Accounting 
lennifei M ninii B 5 

v Vane) in B 5 fl I La 5 University 

Snijln Vargheac Vlsveswaraiah Technological ( • 
Stefania i> Venezialc S.5 L 
Num.. Miguel Santos VHdria B N 

Lisbon I 
rhomas P Volterano /< S \ i- 
Stephanii S 
leffre) Scon >' 

Robert Philip Weaverling fl 5 B I La 
loahua i Wriskopl fl S 
Mark< Wella fl I Dkkln 
Ban) Michael Wllkini B.5 ' 

i dward Williams B.S.B I La 


Staci Elizabeth Williams, B.A.. La Salic University. 200.1, Sociology/Criminal Justice 

Brian Maurice Wilson. B.B.A.. Howard University, 2007, Accounting 

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Studies, M.P.H.. University of North Carolina, 2000, Public Health, Ph.D., Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. 2004. Science and 

Technology Studies 
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Thomas A. Keagy, Ph.D., Dean 


Andrew W. Hoist, B.A., Gettysburg College, 1996, Business 

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Sowmya V. Punganoor, B.E., University of Madras, India, Electronics and Communication 


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Michele L. Gutman. HA. University of Pittsburgh, 2(H)}. Communication 

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Peter Hameister. HA. Hochschule Wismar, JWX. Business Administration 

Alexandria K June. HA . Virginia State I 'niversity, 2005, Journalism 

Zdenek Frank Junk. B.S., I niversity ofNe* York m Prague, 2007, Business Administration 

Saida Kalkulova, HA. Tashkent State University, 2iX)l. Management 

Michael T Keller, B.S., Ramapo College of Ne* Jersey, 1988, Business Administration/Marketmg 

S\eilana Komienko, H S \<» Ymk I niversity in Prague. 2(X>7. Business Administration 

Deborah A Kolula. HA. Ruhr I niversity, 2lX)>. Liberal Studies 

Lucie Kur/o\a. BA., University cfNe* York in Prague, 2ixi4. Maw Media and Communication 

Chnssa K>nakidou. H s Deree ( ollege, 2<M)7. Business Administration 

Susanne Lai rankic-l'nncipalo. BA., Slippers Rot k State University, 1981, Communication 

Colleen Mane Lang, H SUA hi Salle University, 2>xu. Marketing 

Michelle S Langley, H \ It tuple University, 2<x>4. Communication 

Georgette K A Leonhardt, B.S., I niversity oj Hawai at Manoa, 2ixx>. Apparel, Produt t Design and Men handmng 

Evgenia Lokana, HA . Aristotelian I 'niversity <>/ ThesalonUu, 1983, Chemistry 

Oljja Losl'akova. HA. Tomas Rata I nnersits. 2<XX>. \laiki ting ( ommiinuation 

Katefina Machovi, // \ I niversity <>l \<» York in Prague, 2<xx,. Communication \ Mass Media 

Lindiaj N Malltin, H \. The Pennsylvania State University, 2004, Psychology 

Tamika Antwan Mark. H s t nnersits of Arkansas at I'uu Bluff, 1997, Business Administration/Marketing 

Tamara Martinez, HA . Ruin l niversity, 2003, Communication 

Daniel. i Mesarosn\a. H A . I nnersits of \c-u York m Pragut , 2007 ( 'ommunit at 

Luz Johanna Morales, HA . Bloomsburg, 2<xu. Communication Studies 

Kemberl) Annette Nichols, BA . Temple University, /vw. Broadcasting, Telecommunication-Masi ' 

Stepanka Novotni, R \ Bankovni Institut Vysoka Skola, /''... Iministration m Undertaking 

Dana Osipova, BA., University of Ne* York in Prague, 2007 Communication A M 

Martin Pavlfck, B [., University of Ne* York in Pragut 2005. Communication 4 Vast '■' 

Kirk A ivimski. BA., Neumann College 2003 Communication ins 

I ik ia I'oledhakova. H A . I nnersits oj It onomu s. Prague, 2l»>" Inn motional Initli 

Julie \ Pompizzi, R \ I" Salle l nnersits J'*'s Convmaucation/EnglUm 

Ekaterini Protekdikou i< \ Vmericani ' nd Organizational Bel 

J. hi Purkraoek, H s ' niversity oj Ven Yorl in Pi \dmUustratkm 

Allaiinmiad K.ik him. .\ R\ State University of Turkmenistan 1993 

Aurela Rama, R L, Empire Stah University Ven YorkCollegt 2007 Communication 

Patricia] Ryan BJL.Catholu University 2ixk> Media Studies 

[arsha l< Scoveni i< \ Virginia \M - 

irion Sbcherbaty) R \ Empin mication and PuMit i- 

Michaela Sbejbalovi' /( S Oklahoma Christian I niversity 

Angela Marie Smith R \ LaSalL Um mication 

Dora < atalina Spartani R \ Spin h 

Kyra Braun Spoto H S Temph University 2004 Tourism and Hospita 
J.iinil.ih Nafeesa Sultan i< I Lincoln I m 

\i i.imi.i l Summen />' \ University oj \labama at Bint 
< Hga \ Uv hou, /' S National Tet hnU al I niversity 

\,i..n, Zahradnik B S I niversity oj Vn • 


I katerina N ( beramichenka i 
^ \eiie Deniece I oto) Rufl fl 
Alexandra Christine < ollumb i< S /■ w 
l avai I ( uiKs B I 


Kamila Maria Derylak. Diploma, Krakow University. Poland, 2006, American Studies 

Olga Isakova. Diploma. Minsk Slate Universally. Belarus. 2003. English 

Manna Kagramanova. Diploma. Pyatigorsk Slate University. Russia. 2003. Linguistics 

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University q) ithens 1998, Media and Communication \ imerican College of Greea 2004, Psychology 
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1994, M.B \ l" sail, l niversity 20 
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ephPente B I Dickinson Collegt 2004 Psychology 

I., on i P pill.. /( s Peii ralegal 

MorghanH Pran B I Shlppensburg University .'""J Psychology 

Stace) \ Rkca B I MllutrtvUU I niversity 2004 Psych, 

rennisha Natasha Rile) B.S Florida Stan University 2006 Psychology 

lennifet I auren Rud) I Pjyi hology 

Sharon \ Scanlan B 

Kara tanSicUlano B \ Rutgers Universi 

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Klriaki mi. BA \merictv 

Dena Michelle Smolai B I H 


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University Oj Maryland at College Park. 2<M>4. Counseling and Personnel Sen n e\ 
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MASTER Ol \!<is in Hisiom 

Aviad Adlersberg, B S Delawan ValU \ ( oik p 2001, Biology 

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s..i..ii table) Bischoff./J I LaSalU University 2008, History 

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Michael John Gahagan B.S University of Scranton 2000, Secondary Eduaction l<\ I 

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Shawn tabeMuna) /' \ Gwynned w History 

Ion Simeon Saltzman. A \ University of Pennsylvania, 1980, Economics 

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Andrew McLean Stevenson /( \ Hoi English 

Zane Robinson Wolf, PH.D., R.N., F.A.A.N., Dean 

Dana Katherine Abejo 

Cibi Abraham 

Sonia Abraham 

Akua Boatema Addo-Yobo 

Christopher Agoglia 

Joan Ebose Akhilele 

Sheila Joy Lee Altomare 

Ashley Anderson 

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Marie Angelone 

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Christine Nicole Aviso 

Sala Niambi Bailey 

Nupur Ball 

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Geneva Jackson 

Heleema Jackson 

Kim C. Jackson 

Lillie Mae Jackson 

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Elizabeth A. Johnson 

Sherry Johnson 

Tammi Lynn Jones 

Amanda Marie Juszczuk 

Nyanga M. Kabia 

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Carly Ann Kazarnowicz 

Pascall John Kendall 

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Aimee Joy King 

Amelia ZN Klee 

Gina Marie Knight 

Patricia Anne Koba 

Adeola O. Kokumo 

Heidi Kreamer 

Michelle Marie Kuppe 

Beth Ann Lambert 

Jessica Hannah Lamont 

Megan Christine Lange 

Jennifer Laven 

Barbarann Layton 

Stacy Lewis 

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Amanda Lippi 

Valerie Ann Lorenzini 

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Gabrielle M. Marino 

Lisa Martino 

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Joann Maurio 

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Melissa McCoy 

Colleen Brigid McKelvey 

Kristin Ann Meehan 

Patricia Murga Mendoza 

Stephanie Merenda 

Kelly Patricia Meyers 

Angela Nicole Miller 

Elesha Mills 

Diana Lynn Mockus 

Regina Mansfield Molony 

Catherine Moran 

Karen Rachelle Morring 



Margaret Morns-Lougher\ 
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Jillian Mullen 
Agiliga Anne Muomah 
Julia L. Musial 
Ksu Hun Na 
L>n Nicole Nelson 
Hoailinh T. Nguyen 
Monica Nicholson 
Kathleen Ann O'Brien 
Ashle> Elizabeth (TOryan 

Bnclgel Maureen O'Donncll 
Adesuwa Precious Odubele 
Anastasia Obianuju Oloegbu 

LeahM Olenick 
Matthew I Onyemaechi 
Mar) Eva Orrao 
Denise Orti/ 
Elizabeth Oritz 
Kell> Christina Parrott 
Nalasha Nicole Pen) 

Gail Marie Phillipps 
[yrika Simone Pierce 
Lowrine Pierre 
Lauren Ashk) Pittre 
Marie Decarme Plaisime 

Beverl) Jean I'lanlei 

laden Nicole Postk) 

/liaiina I'nslalskis 
Jenililei II PrOCtOI 

Cynthia A Quansah 
Sweet) Rajan 

Denise I. lame kainsden 
Christine Ream Malleo 

Mar> Reichard 
Jennifer Denise Reynolds 
Janie Lynn Rik) 
Claire Therese Kiordan 
Elsie hmd Rivera 
Nora Leslie Robinson 
Geraldme P. Rock 
Danielle Mane Roger 
Bridget Jamie Rogers 
Marlene dense Rossman 
Simi Samuel 
Rachel S Sandone 
Diana Nicole Saiilangelo 
Olena Sarbash 
Ouo\adis Camaro Saunders 
Ashle> Jordan Schumacher 

Charlene Johnson Schwartz 
Sabrina M Scoa 
Elizabeth A Sees 
NydiaC Shoroo 
Katelyn Leigh Shultz 
Alyssa Sue Siazon 
Beits B Simpson 
I aKesha S Sims 
Jeiiiniei Ellen Slatter) 

Dennis Bartholomew Smith 

lanuai) Ann Smith 
l a lanya Smith 

I vice Darnell Smith 

Sharon Smith Brown 

Maigo Jean SpeiKei 

Holh Courtne) Stein 
Juhe Beth Stein 
Robert J Stewart, Jr 
Suzanne I Struble I rye 

Meghan Sulock 
Alecia R Tamburino 
Summer Teel 
Michele Thompson 
Grant M Thorell 
Rasheeda R Tillman 


Cam Iran 
Jeanie Thi Tran 
Kell) Ann Travis 
Andrea Turner 
Katie Michele Turner 
Tittan\ B Turner 
Elizabeth Valentino 

Taimeka Amo> \ idal 
James Fernando \ illacrc's 

Paula JoAnne Vlncenl 
\adim \ itorck) 
Irina \oshchiio 

Thien Huong D \u 
Mark \\a|da 

Sharon < Walker 

Dale France* MachiUaWiilat 

Neeka \ Walla 

Sarah \ Warrington 

Pamela WddOO 

I aiene Denise \N hite 

Christine Williams 

kaillvn Wood 

Patricia v 

Mia Mexandra /.kuimm 
Joshua \ Zamawski 
Michelle I ouise /. 

Gia Marie D Angelis 
l.isette Delgado 
Kristan Delle 
Victoria Ivini Vbce 


Megan Koacil CourflM 

tana Kotlyai I aureu I 

Chiisiin . Anthon) l ouis rrova 
Ruth M Rodgen 

BA( III I OROl st II Nt l 

tndrea Nadine Bacchui 
( inisi.i Maria Buct alii 
Regina \ Can 
< hristina Marie ( onnell) 
I lizabeth Mae < ore) 

tadrea Maria I erreira 
\shi,\ i lizabeth I uhi 

luh. i S I ilk iti 

I .iim.i.i Van < ibun 
Shannon lane rlalleran 

Umee m I 

\nn.i I aui.i Hicke) 
Olivia Valencia Houston 
Mackenzie l Hunt 

iiinh M Huynh 
Michelle Innaurato 
Sanju John 
l riana Rose faufTman 

\sliles \m\ ke.iles 
kale \iiii kuhls 

Mar) 1 1. in. is i amonl 
Ihoanna Mark * > I ualhati 

Jo.iiiii I mkIi 

( iabrielk Noel Mattaliano 
i iane Met arroll 
Nllmayra Moraka 

kalhli-cn \ MulkC 
Limil.i '• 

Maruuna » 

Asbk) Ma 
Christina M 


Paul R. Brazina, M.B.A., C.P.A., C.M.A., Dean 


Aisha Tina Abdullah 
Alicia Christina Adair 
Dineth Alahakoon 
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Jonathan R. Avolio 
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William James Beaumont 
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Gerald Bidus 

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Christopher J. Bogardus 
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Christopher Prince Boucher 
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Adam Cantiello 
William E. Capece 
Juliann Carruol 
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Darrel Wesley Chan 
Iyarn Charmont 
Fangbin Chen 
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Lauren Ashley Craig 
Uzuri Tyi Crockett 
Marjorie E. Cunnane 
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Michael Edward Dailey 
Michelle D'Argenio 
Andrew Stuart Dash 
Steven Robert Dassing 
Paul Anthony DeGrazia 
Laura Elaine De Zolt 
Jessica DiDonato 

Brian Anthony Dietrich 
Britney Lioy DiPascale 
Ashley Marcoux Dolloff 
Joshua Ricky Donohue 
Patrick F. Dougherty 
Matthew Joseph Doyle 
Meredith J. Dreger 
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Jesse R. Dujardin 
Portia Ebony Dunkley 
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Justin Feiner 
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Jonathan S. Glennie 
Patrick Francis Golden 
Luis A. Gonzalez-Torres 
Thomas F. Gordon 
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Michael Anthony Grant, Jr. 
Jason Anthony Grosse 
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Christopher B. Hanson 
Kahdece Ramona Heath 
Daniel Thomas Heavey 
Kristy M. Heller 
John Joseph Henderson, Jr. 
Julian Holguin 
Robert J. Hollinshead 
Carrie Houck 
Jennifer Lynn Houseman 
Cortney Elizabeth Huff 
William J. Imbert 

Magdalini Ioannidis 
Ashton- Lee M. Johnson 
Paul Henry Harris Johnson 
Ryan Edward Johnson 
Ryan P. Johnson 
Stephanie Anne Johnson 
Tia Johnson 
Gabrielle R. Joiner 
Garry Jones. Jr. 
Mark E. Jones 
Thomas M. Jorfi 
Kevin Ian Jud 
Bryan K. Kelleher 
Shane M. Kendrick 
Ryan Michael Kilpatrick 
Stephen Kirby 
Angela Kostelny 
Liliya Kurpel 
Stacey Anne Lang 
Tara Marie Lapetina 
Paul Joseph LaPolla 
Michael Lerro 
Daniel Joseph Link 
James L Long 
Nicasio Lovecchio, Jr. 
Kevin Michael Lydic 
Francis Thomas Lyons 
Guan Mac 
Kristin P. Mack 
Whitney Marie Madron 
Jeffrey S. Maichrowycz 
Thomas V. Marchio 
Domenic John Marrazzo IV 
Laura Elizabeth Martin 
Fred Louis Massanova 
Tridell Elizabeth Maw 
Melissa Karen McDuffie 
Nicole K. McGinley 
James McGinness 
Thomas F. McGoldrick 
Laura McGrath 
Jaclyn Marie McKeffery 
Michael Mc Leish 
Kevin R. McMinn 
Sean Michael McMullen 
Christy Marie Miller 
Gregory George Mladenetz 
Brian M. Montgomery 
Kelly Ann Moore 
John Patrick Morozin 
Brianne Tierney O'Connell 
Stephen P. O'Donnell 
Ryan Sean O'Hara 
Orlando I. Okebata 


Svyatoslav Oleksyuk 
Daniel James () Weill 
Ahunna Chinwe Onukogu 
William James Orndorff 
Symon R. Owade 
Anthony Michael Periozzo 
Daniel Scott Pteifter 
Kevin B PhUlipa 
Christopher Mornl Pierce 
Garrett Patrick Pollard 
Jason M. Pousles 
Robert J. Queroli 
Zacharv Andrew Reese 

Cot) Gomez Reynoso 
Michael J Ritchie 

David Edward Robart 
Amu one Maurice Rodgers 
George Joseph Rohoncz) 
Roben Rossiter 
Ashlev Lauren Ruis 

(Jina Marie Salvmo 
Manuel Santiago III 

Francisco A Sarmienlo 

Jordan Justin Schaeffa 
Michael William Schlagnhauler 
Bryan A Schwartz 

Giovanni Scipione 
Natalie Seal 
Louis Senotonte 
Jessica Ashk) Shamus 
Rv an John Shanlev 
John A. Sharaf 
Stephen J Sieracki 
Danielle Marie Signorelh 
Vincent Michael Simone 
James P Sinclair. Jr 
Nicholas John Slabinski 
R Patrick Smith 
Andrew Solimeo 
Isaias Demetrio Sostre 
Thomas Andrew Stemhauer 
Mark Moore Stokes 
Jon Carlo Stubblefield 
R>an Francis Sullivan 
Adam Sulkus 

Paul \ Sweeoj 

Ham L Tapia 
April Marie Tapper 
Vincent Tecce 
Kristen 1 rheysohn 

Meg Ann loner 
Theresa Iravler 

Elaina A Trocki 

Stephanie Wieslawa Tur/jinski 

Jamie Lvnn Ldmson 

Stetania Domenica Vene/iale 

Alexei \olose\ich 

Hao Yuong 

Jason Ross Wagner 

Karlie Mane Wagner 

Case) Patrick Walsh 

Rvan John Walsh 

Jin Min Wang 

Jonathan James Webster 

Joseph James Widmeier 

Brian Joseph Wile) 

Tyler Joseph W ilk 

Su/anne Melissa Williams 

Ronald Williamson 

Lauren Lh/abeth W lotko 
Charles (i Wohlrab 

Monika Wojtowic/ 
Maurice Kenneth Wvllie 
Nasir \ 'lard 
Brian C Young 
Maureen Clare /eiglei 

Jessica I heresa Alsii 
Sarah busman 
Angelica lasia Bedrosian 
I aura lean Brooke 
Adrienne Marie Flick 
Aiisiin k I loyd 

Amanda I li/alvlh ( iasjvi 

SCHOOL OF \Rls \M)s( II N( i s 

ThomM \. Keagy, I'li.l).. Dean 


[awanda Nicole Hauk) 
Darlene Irving Diaz 

Jamie C Jackson 

Kendra lohnson 
KalitaD Mad tree 
I tana Marie Man/ 
Yuderquui Guzman Payampt 

Maricris Pimentd I eh/ 
I ins. i \ Ramirez 
Cassandra Serrano 

Jasmine \ Suinnei 

\iuia \dele I hoinassoi 

Michael Anthon) Anastaaio 
\lii hael < hristophei kraol 
Andrew R Bemhard 

h Bonkoski 
( onstance K ( aeaai 
< ourtne) i < reighton 
Richard Davii 
Michael k DeMalo 
Mcboiai i DiNardo 
i tennis Wayne I Hvine) h 
David I lleraon 

Niv In. I. is I hiiii 

BACHE1 OR 01 m ii Nt i 

Bretton Gregor) Gallashaw 
Zacharj K Hernandez 
in Minn Huynfa 

James I is hwin 

Mkhelk Kintsch 

Sane II kwak. 

Mi, hael BaXta I avelle 

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Votes* on . Icac/emic Wre&L 


The history of academic dress begins in the earl) davs ot the oldest universities A statute of 1321 required all "'Doctors. L icentiate s, and 
Bachelors'' ol the University ot C'oimbra to wear gowns. In England during the second halt ot the 14th century, the statute-, ot certain 
colleges forbade "excess in apparel" and prescribed the wearing of a long gown. It is still a question whether academic dress finds its 
sources chiefly in ecclesiastical or in ci\ilian dress. Gowns may ha\e been considered necessary for warmth in the unhealed buildings 
used by medieval scholars. Hixxis ma> ha\e served to cover the tonsured head until superseded for that purpose by the skullcap The cap 
was later displaced by a headdress similar to ones now recogni/ed as "academic."' European institutions continue to show great diversity 
in their specifications of academic dress. However, when American colleges and universities adopted a system ot academic apparel a 
halt-century ago. a code was devised for all to follow. 

Gowns — The gown for the bachelor's degree has pointed sleeves and is worn closed The gown lor the master's degree has an oblong 
sleeve, open at the wnst. with the slee\e base hanging down in the traditional manner. The rear pan of the sleeve's oblong shape is square 
cut and the front part has an arc cut away. It may be worn open or closed The gown for the doctor's degree has bell-shaped sleeves and 
may be worn open or closed. Bachelor's and master's gowns have no trimmings, but the doctor's may be faced on the front with black or 
colored velvet and with three bars of the same across the sleeves It color is used, it is the color distinctive ot the subject to which the 
degree pertains, and it matches the edging or binding ol the hood 

Hoods Hoods are lined with the official color or colors ot the college or university conferring the degree The binding or edging ot the 
hood is the color indicative ol the subject to which the degree pertains, except that the doctor's cap may have Us tassel ot gold thread 

Caps — Mortarboards are generally worn as part ol the academic costume The long lassel Listened to the middle point ot the cap's lop is 
either black or (he color appropriate to the subject ll is customary lor degree candidates to wear the tassels on the nghl trout side betore 

degrees are conferred and to shift them to the left when the degrees are awarded This custom is in some respects a substitute tor individual 

I tn .ill aradrmif purposes, including trimmings ol doctors' gowns, edgmgs ol hoods, and tassels ol caps, the colon a 

different subjects are as follows 

iciated with the 

Agriculture Maize 

Arts. Letters, Humanities White 

( ommerce, Accountancy, 

Business Drab 

DenlistiN I iUK 

I conomics ( oppei 
I ducatjon I ighi Blue 

I iigiiiccnn. 

i inc kits Brown 


loumauam I son 

i.,w Purple 

I ibran Science I emon 

Medicine Green 

Musk I'mk 

Nursing Apricot 

i h.iiotv (Speech) Silva Graj 

I' Olive Green 

Philosophy Dark Blue 

Physical I ducation s 

Public Administration Pe ac ock Blue 

Public Health Salmon I'mk 

Science Golden Yellow 

Sik iai \Soik Citron 

veterinai ■ 

Adapted from \a v ademit i ostume i o 
t ount ii "ii I ducation, 1959)